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He is usually depicted wearing noshi sugata causal clothing. The earrings are an anachronism too, Heian men and women did not wear earrings. These bonds were considered vital to a good life. A cool character, probably my favorite. Heian gentlemen were supposed to display their emotions as elegantly as possible.

The stoicism which is сай сексу norm for Western men is merely the fashion of our day, in other eras Western men have been much more flamboyant. To some extent things we associate with aging eg body hair, hardening of features come later for women, hence the association of youthful looks with femininity.

But such moments of comic relief are a welcome break during the rather dry professional go proceedings. Sai is male, but his extremely long hair denotes his aristocratic position: the only people who had this length of hair were aristos who had teams of servants to wash this hair for them.

Artists frequently depict them with short сай сексу, which is reasonable artist license. It was a common social aspect of life, especially for aristocrats, monks, and the warrior caste! Heian men wore shorter hair, confined by their caps. I know this page is long утро на казантипе секс dead, but I think this should be added.

Viewers tend to remember the humorous parts of Hikaru no Go, but they should keep in mind that сай сексу more weepy and giggly images of Sai are done in a comic style and are not supposed to be taken seriously.

Change the hats, supply сай сексу shoes, shorten the trains a bit, and Sai would have worn very similar clothing while attending the Emperor. In the first opening song we see Sai in a field playing a flute. A stoic man would have been considered an insensitive lout.

It seems to me that social class correlates with apparent effeminateness in men. Higher ranking persons had fans with more folds, and lower ranking persons had fewer folds. .